The company was founded in 2008 and has been growing at a constant speed, providing transport services for several partners within Europe.

Along with its headquarters in Sofia (Bulgaria), A2B Trucking Bulgaria has several hubs/parkings located strategically across Europe.

The strength of the company lies within the familial character, this ensures that the lines of decision-making are kept short. This enables A2B Trucking Bulgaria to respond quickly to the changing demands of its clients and shifts in the international market.

Today the companies has 140 experienced and dedicated drivers & 22 motivated and qualified office employees which can be called experts in the area of transport and logistics.

Client engagement

A2B Trucking Bulgaria views its clients as partners. Therefore we always strive for a long and solid relationship and continue to seek improvement and optimisation.

A2B Trucking Bulgaria’s philosophy is driven by our team of motivated staff throughout the organisation who consider client engagement of key importance. The result is that A2B Trucking Bulgaria is a reliable and honourable partner for all your transport activities. The proof of this can be found in the numerous long-term relationships we have built up with our current partners.

We are proud to proclaim an honest and open communication with our clients and partners, we are constantly improving ourselves by adapting and applying the best working practices in the field.