Our fleet has constantly been growing to what it is today, constantly in mutual respect to the needs of our customers.

Operational Fleet:

  • 45 x Standard ‘Euro 5’ trucks
  • 50 x Standard ‘Euro 6’ trucks
  • 6 x Mega ‘Euro 5’ trucks
  • 5 x 3-axle ‘Euro 5’ trucks

Our fleet is fully equipped with GPS navigation, tracking devices, on board computer & scanner.

Our dispatchers can virtually drive along to the loading or delivery address. A constant communication with the customer regarding the load, estimate time of arrival, possible delays is elementary and one of our strengths.


Safety and environment.
A2B Trucking Bulgaria is trying to keeps it carbon foot print as low as possible. Every 4 years the vehicles in our fleet are renewed and meet the highest standard. Today our fleet consists of 53 % Euro 5 vehicles & 47% Euro 6 !!
Our drivers are educated and monitored according the ECO-Driving Principle with respect for the environment en equipement.
Safety for our employees, fleet, customers’ goods: As from 2015 all new ordered trucks are equipped with supplementary safety-packs such as Lane assist and Break assist. Break assist will prevent by example a traffic jam collision which enlarge the safety for other road users.